Our ‘Heeling Styles’ program in Birmingham offers a comprehensive approach to refining your canine companion’s leash manners, elevating your daily walks to a delightful experience for both you and your pet. We understand the importance of a well-behaved dog on a lead, and our trainers are here to guide you through mastering 12 unique heeling styles over an intensive 8-16 weeks training period. From casual loose leash walking to precise heel positions, we provide the techniques and expertise to make every walk a controlled and pleasant outing. Say goodbye to pulling and leash-related frustrations, and embrace the art of walking in style with your well-trained canine companion.

Our ‘Heeling Styles’ program is more than just leash training; it’s an immersive experience designed to enhance your dog’s walking skills and overall obedience. With 12 distinct heeling styles to choose from, you can tailor the training to your preferences and your dog’s capabilities. The intensive 8-16 weeks training period ensures that your dog receives the necessary guidance and practice to master these styles, resulting in a well-mannered and graceful walking partner. Whether you’re looking to walk through the park with relaxed elegance or require precise obedience in urban environments, our program empowers you and your dog with the skills to navigate any situation with finesse.

Embark on a journey of discovery and mastery with our ‘Heeling Styles’ program. As your dog progresses through this structured training, you’ll witness their transformation from a leash-pulling enthusiast to a well-behaved and stylish walking companion. Our trainers provide expert guidance and support, ensuring that both you and your dog are comfortable and confident throughout the process. Choose our ‘Heeling Styles’ program, where mastering 12 unique heeling styles is more than just a goal; it’s an art form that enriches the bond between you and your canine friend, making every walk a refined and enjoyable experience.

Price starts from £5,000

(Minimum of 8 weeks)

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