Our ‘Movement/Freestyle Training’ program in Birmingham is dedicated to enhancing your dog’s physical fitness, coordination, and overall vitality. We recognize the significance of a healthy and active lifestyle for your canine companion, and our trainers are here to guide you through this enriching journey. Dive deep into the world of freestyle dog training with our 8-week program, where we not only focus on agility, strength, and balance but also introduce the captivating realm of freestyle movements. This comprehensive approach ensures that your dog is not only physically fit but also mentally engaged, making every training session a delightful experience.

At the core of our ‘Movement/Freestyle Training’ program is the opportunity to explore a range of activities and exercises that will benefit your dog’s overall well-being. With a focus on fostering physical fitness and coordination, we tailor our 8-week program to suit your dog’s capabilities and aspirations. Our trainers are experts in helping your dog achieve their best performance while making every session enjoyable. Dive into the world of freestyle dog training and watch your canine companion flourish as they learn to move with grace and precision, adding a touch of flair to their everyday life.

Choose our ‘Movement/Freestyle Training’ program to provide your dog with an active and engaging lifestyle. With our trainers, your dog will not only experience improved physical fitness but also develop confidence and coordination. Our 8-week program, which includes the exciting realm of freestyle movements, brings a new dimension to dog training. Together, we’ll explore a world where your dog’s movements become a delightful art form. Join us in this captivating journey, and witness your furry friend’s transformation into a well-rounded, agile, and artistically expressive companion.

Price starts from £4,000

(Minimum of 8 weeks)

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