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One to one training dog trainer birmingham


Our one-to-one training approach ensures that each session is meticulously customized to meet the unique requirements of your beloved canine companion.

This personalised training not only addresses your dog’s specific needs but also takes into consideration their temperament, personality, and learning style, resulting in a truly tailored and effective training experience.


Home Training for your dog offers the convenience of professional dog training services right in the comfort of your own home. With a personalized approach tailored to your dog’s unique needs and your specific goals, it provides a stress-free and familiar environment for effective learning. Our experienced trainers work closely with you and your canine companion to address behavioural challenges, teach obedience commands, and foster socialization skills.

This one-on-one attention not only accelerates your dog’s progress but also allows your entire family to be involved in the training process.

Experience the joy of a well-trained and harmonious relationship with your furry friend through our Home Training services.

home training dog trainer birmingham
board and training home training dog trainer birmingham


Our Board and Train program offers a comprehensive and immersive training experience for your beloved canine companion. When you choose this option, your dog becomes a temporary member of our expert training team, residing in a controlled and supportive environment.

Under the guidance of our experienced trainers, your dog will receive intensive training tailored to their specific needs and behaviour goals. Whether it’s mastering obedience commands, overcoming behavioural challenges, or improving socialization skills, our Board and Train program provides the focused attention and structured training necessary for a well-behaved and happy dog.

You can trust us to nurture your dog’s development while ensuring they receive the care, love, and professional guidance they deserve during their stay with us.


Our Puppy Development program is designed to set your young canine companion on the path to a happy, well-adjusted, and well-behaved adulthood.

During this crucial stage of your puppy’s life, our experienced trainers will provide them with the foundational skills and socialization experiences they need to thrive.

Through structured training sessions, positive reinforcement, and exposure to various environments, people, and situations, we aim to build your puppy’s confidence and help them develop essential obedience skills.

Our program focuses on fostering good behaviours, teaching basic commands, and ensuring a strong bond between you and your puppy.

With our Puppy Development program, you can look forward to a future filled with joyous moments and a harmonious relationship with your four-legged friend.

heeling styles board and training home training dog trainer birmingham


Our ‘Heeling Styles’ programme for your dog is meticulously crafted to refine your canine companion’s leash etiquette, making walks a delightful experience for both you and your pet.

We comprehend that a well-behaved dog on a lead adds to the joy of daily walks. With our adept trainers, you’ll explore an array of heeling styles, from relaxed lead walking to precise heel positions, customised to your dog’s capabilities and your preferences.

Whether you seek a leisurely amble or exacting obedience, our ‘Heeling Styles’ programme delivers the training and techniques to transform each walk into a serene and controlled affair.

Bid farewell to tugging and leash-related vexations as we guide your dog towards becoming a genteel and charming walking companion.


Our ‘Movement Training’ programme for your dog is tailored to enhance their physical fitness, coordination, and overall vitality. We recognise the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle for your canine companion.

With our skilled trainers, your dog will engage in a series of exercises and activities designed to boost their agility, strength, and balance.

Whether you’re seeking to improve their athletic prowess or simply ensure their well-being, our ‘Movement Training’ programme offers a structured approach to canine fitness.

Say goodbye to sedentary routines and embrace a more active and vibrant life for your four-legged friend with our specialised training.

movement training heeling styles board and training home training dog trainer birmingham
boarding dog trainer in birmimgham


Our ‘Home Visits’ programme for your dog provides the ultimate convenience in pet care. We understand that your furry family member thrives in the comfort of their own home, and that’s why our expert team of professionals comes directly to your doorstep.

During these visits, we offer personalised care, which can include feeding, playtime, walks, and even basic training reinforcement. Whether you’re away at work or on holiday, our ‘Home Visits’ ensure your dog receives the attention, companionship, and care they deserve, all within the familiarity of their own environment.

Trust us to maintain your dog’s routine and well-being while you’re away, ensuring a happy and stress-free experience for both you and your beloved pet.


Our ‘Day Training’ programme for your dog offers a valuable combination of convenience and professional training.

We recognise that your busy schedule may limit your time for training, and that’s where we step in. Drop your dog off at our facility for a day of structured learning, where our expert trainers will work closely with them to address behavioural challenges and reinforce essential obedience commands.

Your dog will benefit from socialisation opportunities and focused, one-on-one training sessions, all while you go about your day.

At the end of each ‘Day Training’ session, you’ll receive feedback and guidance on how to maintain and reinforce the training at home.

It’s the perfect solution to help your dog develop good manners and build a strong foundation for a well-behaved companion, all within a British English context.

day training dog trainer birmingham
boarding dog trainer birmingham


Our ‘Boarding’ programme for your dog offers a comfortable and safe home away from home. We understand that entrusting your canine companion to our care is a significant decision, and we take that responsibility seriously.

When your dog stays with us, they become part of our extended family, receiving round-the-clock attention and care from our dedicated team.

With spacious and well-appointed accommodations, regular exercise, socialisation opportunities, and nutritious meals, your dog’s stay will be both enjoyable and enriching.

Rest assured, our top priority is to ensure your dog’s happiness and well-being throughout their stay, giving you peace of mind while you’re away. Choose our ‘Boarding’ programme for a quintessential British dog care experience that truly feels like a home away from home.

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